PHD Defence University

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Need appropriate clothes for your defence ? We have it all !

First things first, almost all of the universities in Holland have a tailcoat / dressuit (the picture directly above this text) as dress code for the PHD defendant and the paranimfs. This consist of:

  • Black tail coat
  • Black trousers with a braid down on the side
  • White piqué waistcoat
  • White piqué shirt
  • White piqué bow tie
  • Black leather shoes

Exception in this story is University Enschede. University Twente has a different dresscode for the paranimfs. The 2 assistants are expected to appear in the following :

  • Black morning coat
  • Black/grey striped trousers
  • Grey waistcoat
  • White shirt with normal collar
  • Grey tie

A second possibility would be for all 3 persons to appear in tailsuit, with the difference that the defendant wears a white bowtie and the paranimfs a black one !

Ladies are expected in a formal dress (most of the times short, around the knee) in a dark clour like grey or black (or navy).

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